12 May — Honda Auto ROT 2003-2   $1.549 billion   auto loans   BarCap, JPMorgan
A1       $383.0   P1/A1+/F1+  0.34y  4ML    -4bp A
A2       $430.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  1.00y  EDSF   +5bp A
A3       $428.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  2.00y  Swaps  +4bp A
A4       $308.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  3.07y  Swaps  +3bp A
--Premarketing; Co-mgrs:ABN, BofA, BOCM, Merrill, BNP 
12 May — WFS Auto Loan Trust 2003-2   $1.5 billion  auto loans    BofA
A1       $335.0  P-1/A1+/F1   0.36y  3ML     -2-3bp
A2       $291.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  1.00y  EDSF    +9bp A
A3       $395.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  2.00y  Swaps  mid teens
A4       $299.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  3.28y  Swaps  mid 20bp
B        $64.0    Aa2/AA/AA   2.09y  Swaps   +90bp A
C        $68.0     A2/A/A     2.08y  Swaps   +150bp A
D        $41.0  Baa2/BBB/BBB  2.00y  Swaps   +200-225
--Premarketing; [Co-mgrs:Citi,CSFB,DBSI,Merrill]
12 May — AmeriCredit AMCAR 2003-BX  $600 million    auto loans    CSFB,DBSI
A1       $107.0  P-1/A1+/F1+  0.18y  2ML    -1bp A
A2A      $130.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  0.95y  EDSF   low 30bp
A2B      $100.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  0.95y  1ML    low 20bp
A3       $87.0   Aaa/AAA/AAA  2.00y  Swaps  low 50bp
A4A      $100.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  3.11y  Swaps  mid 60bp
A4B      $76.0   Aaa/AAA/AAA  3.11y  1ML    low 40bp
--Premarketing; Co-mgrs:Barclays, JPMorgan, Wachovia; 100% XL Capital wrap
12 May — DVI Receivables XIX 2003-1   $426.2million    medical equipment      
A1       $71.80  P-1/A1+/F1+ 
A2       $52.20  Aaa/AAA/AAA 
A3       $259.5  Aaa/AAA/AAA 
B        $16.92   Aa2/AA/AA  
C        $14.66    A2/A/A    
D        $11.28  Baa2/BBB/BBB
--Premarketing; Co-mgrs: n/a
12 May — CNH Equipment Trust 2003-A   $972.5 million    equipment lease   
A1       $228.0  P-1/A1+/F1+ 
A2       $251.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA 
A3       $258.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA 
A4       $203.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA 
B        $32.5     A1/A+/A+  
C        $27.5     NR/NR/NR  
--Premarketing; Co-mgrs: n/a
05 May — ACAS Business Loan Trust 2003-1  $238.7million  business loans   Wachovia
A        $184.8  Aaa/AAA/AAA  2.40y  1ML    +55bp A
B        $30.8    Aa2/AA/AA   5.10y  1ML    +125bp A
C        $23.1     A2/A/A     5.50y  1ML    +225bp A
--Premarketing; Co-mgrs:
29 Apr — Granite Mortgages 2003-2  $2.6 billion     U.K RMBS      Lehman, Merrill
1-A1     $1.12B  Aaa/AAA/AAA  0.99y  3ML    +10bp A 
1-A2     $906.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  2.97y  3ML    +18bp A 
1-A3     $500.0  Aaa/AAA/AAA  6.01y  3ML    +27bp A 
1-B      $76.50   Aa3/AA/AA   6.04y  3ML    +50bp A 
1-C      $15.00  Baa2/BBB/BBB 6.04y  3ML    +155bp A
--Premarketing; Co-mgrs:Citibank, JPMorgan, UBSWarburg

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