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Magazine Issue Year 2019

Banks and lenders have made inroads in analytics and automation with machine-learning technology. Will asset management follow suit?
November 19
The idea of forgiving student debt has gained traction in the Democratic presidential debates. Undiscussed so far: the significant impact any program could have on the roughly $175 billion of securities backed by student loans
October 9
Private-label securitizations haven’t commanded a meaningful share of the mortgage-backed market in a decade. Trump administration officials seem intent on changing that
October 9
MPL securitizations have yet to face a credit-cycle test. The discussion over how they will handle one is intesifying
July 16
The industry has a Libor problem. State law could be the remedy. The politics are complicated.
June 4
Beyond the length of time planes are grounded, investor exposure to Boeing Max is determined by the type of deal, timing of deliveries and the strength of lessees
April 5
California’s tougher oversight has stripped PACE lending of its go-to project financing status among the state’scontractors. That shift may bode ill for the credit quality of those PACE loans that are getting made
February 15
California needs to build 3.5 million homes by 2025; much of this could come from accessory dwelling units - provided they can be financed
January 18