Kym Arnone

Ms. Arnone leads Barclays� coverage of New York State and its related entities, the City of New York, major Midwest issuers and the Firm�s tax-exempt securitization initiatives. Ms. Arnone has senior managed transactions for over $20 billion of New York City and New York State debt as well as several large Midwest clients including the States of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.Ms. Arnone has covered NYC for 20 years and assisted NYC in its creation of the TFA PIT and BARB credits. Ms. Arnone is recognized as the industry expert on tobacco securitizations and often presents before organizations such as the National Federation of Municipal Analysts and the Municipal Analysts Group of New York (MAGNY) on the status of the tobacco market. Having led 31 tobacco securitizations totaling in excess of $39.0 billion, Ms. Arnone's tobacco transactions include the $1.4 billion restructuring for New York City�s TSASC, a $3.62 billion restructuring for New Jersey which lowered the percentage of TSRs pledged and New York State�s highly successful $959.2 million appropriation/tobacco refunding through the TSFC in June 2011. She has extensive knowledge of the municipal market having led virtually every credit structure and product type.Ms. Arnone received a B.A. in finance from St. John�s University.