Guy Nagahama

Mr. Nagahama is an industry leader in providing investment banking services to Airports across the U.S. Over his career, Mr. Nagahama has served as investment banker on over $20 billion of airport financings as senior manager, co-manager or financial advisor. Mr. Nagahama leads Jefferies’ engagements with the San Francisco Airport Commission and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.In October 2010, Mr. Nagahama was the lead banker on the firm’s senior managed $304 million financing for the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, DFW’s first new money transaction since 2004. In August 2010, Mr. Nagahama worked with the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority to execute the termination of $225 million of interest rate swaps and refinancing of the underlying variable rate bonds to fixed rate, thus eliminating all associated risks and simplifying RDU's capital structure and risk profile. In July 2010 and November 2010, Mr. Nagahama advised the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority on two open market purchase programs under ARRA, totaling approximately $200 million. Mr. Nagahama’s airport clients have ranged in size from small to medium to large hubs, from existing to expanding to new airports, and from fortress hubs to predominantly O&D airports. Over the last 18 years, for his airport clients, Mr. Nagahama has created new revenue credits, worked to update old revenue bond indentures, developed financial transactions to leverage PFCs, AIPs, CFCs and implemented interest rate swaps, commercial paper programs and auction rate programs. Mr. Nagahama is serving/has served as the firm’s day-to-day banker for engagements with the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, San Diego International Airport, Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN), Indianapolis Airport Authority, Louisville Regional Airport Authority, Salt Lake City Department of Airports, Tucson Airport Authority, Denver International Airport, Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority and Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, among others. Mr. Nagahama has designed and executed new general airport revenue credits for MAC and RDU; airport revenue bond indenture amendments for MWAA, IAA and Fort Lauderdale; multi-pronged PFC programs for MAC and Fort Lauderdale; hedging programs for RDU, IAA and MWAA; targeted capital structure strategy for IAA. Mr. Nagahama has developed and implemented large scale capital programs including: the 2010 Plan at MSP; the New Midfield Terminal Program at IAA; the d2 Development at Dulles International Airport; and the Terminal C Rehabilitation and Replacement Terminal program at RDU. Mr. Nagahama has implemented interest rate swaps of over $5 billion for airport clients. Mr. Nagahama has spoken at a number of industry-sponsored conferences—ACI, AAAE, Bond Buyer—on airport financing. Mr. Nagahama holds an M.B.A. from Columbia University Business School and an A.B. in Engineering Science from Harvard College and is currently on the Board of Asian Americans in Public Finance.