Lewtan Launches European Loan-Level Data Service

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Data provider Lewtan has launched a service that provides information about loans used as collateral for European residential mortgage-backed securities and securitizations of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The service, ABSNet Loan Europe, is being offered in cooperation with the European DataWarehouse GmbH.

It provides key performance metrics and characteristics used to stratify the loan pool. Updated regularly, the loan level data is a unique combination of deals submitted through both the European DataWarehouse and Lewtan sourced deals.

“I believe that Lewtan, as a key player in the securitization market, will be pivotal to providing solutions to ABS market participants and to deliver enhanced transparency and value added so that our raw data is used in the best possible way,” said Markus Schaber, chief executive of the European DataWarehouse, said in a press release.

“The priority for us now is to help data providers to continue improving data quality, and we believe that Lewtan can provide important input in that process, both from the perspective of giving valuable input on the cleansing of data, including solutions for data providers, as well as using their experience in enhancing and normalizing data to be usable in analytics products,” Schaber said.

“We are pleased to be able to announce this very fitting partnership,” Salil Donde, CEO of Lewtan, said in the same press release. “It reflects Lewtan’s and European DataWarehouse’s shared vision that the capital markets will function more efficiently as transparency increases, and the availability of data improves.”

Lewtan said that the ABSNet Loan Europe service allows uses to more readily identify outliers of credit risk along any variable.

The data is in a ready-to-use format that is available from no other source. Once the surviving loans in an active pool are identified, a user can effectively re-create the tables in a prospectus as if the bonds were being offered at issuance.

It also provides a link for investors adhering to the Modified Supervisory Formula (MSFA) as required by regulators, or insurance companies who are interested in mastering their understanding of the underlying credit risk per Solvency 2.

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