Mike Cavanaugh

Mr. Cavanaugh started his career in Public Finance in 1991 as a financial analyst and has over fifteen years of senior management banking and placement experience.Mr. Cavanaugh and his peer Todd Smith are very active with private placements, having completed 92 private placements totaling over $1 billion in California since 2013.� This team has privately placed more deals in CA than any other.� Deals include the first post dissolution redevelopment refunding, CFD, AD, Enterprise System, General Fund, General Obligation, COP, Leases, School finance and healthcare.� On many financings, HilltopSecurities was hired to serve as underwriter on a public offering, however, HilltopSecurities was able to demonstrate that a lower cost of� borrowing could be obtained with a private placement. HilltopSecurities and its team are unique in this ability and will strive to find our clients the most efficient form of borrowing regardless the ramfications to our fees.� We put our clients goals first and have the track record and ability to prove it.�Mr. Cavanaugh holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He is a Registered Representative with the NASD (Series 7).� Mr. Cavanaugh is an active member of the Committee on Assessments, Special Taxes and Other Financing Facilities (CASTOFF), California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (Statewide and the San Diego Chapter), Independent Cities Association, and the former California Redevelopment Association.