Wendy MacKinnon Keith

Wendy MacKinnon Keith, CEO and Founder of Digital Retail Apps is an expert in industry disruption, consumer behavior, channel partnerships and strategy.� She spent over 20 years as an international consultant with Fortune 100 companies and executives in retail and consumer technologies such as IBM, BT, Ameritech, Nokia and Safeway. With a knack for identifying the early signs of change, Wendy has been at the forefront of market disruptions and has helped corporate executives identify and navigate the risks and market opportunities presented by these changes. It was this expertise that led Wendy to see early the potential for mobile solutions to disrupt retail with mobile technology and created and patented SelfPay for just this purpose. Wendy is a recognized thought leader in payments and mobile commerce, and a frequent speaker and panelist at conferences and events including SXSW, Card Not Present, Women in Payments and Cardware.� Wendy has an MBA from Ivey School of Business at University of Western Ontario.