Lilly Scher

Lilly Scher is Vice President and Senior Investment Analyst at Eaton Vance Investment Managers, a leading mutual fund company in Boston, where she specializes in health care and higher education municipal finance credit evaluation and investment for the last sixteen years.� She joined Eaton Vance in 1999.Prior to this, Lilly served as Senior Director at Fitch Ratings, responsible for health care and higher education credit assessment, and worked at Moody's Investor Services and at Putnam Investments, in similar capacities, with�cumulative investment industry experience totaling over 25 years. �Lilly is an active member of the Boston Municipal Analyst Society and the National Federation of Municipal Analysts, where she is a regular contributor to the formulation and adoption of industry best practice standards. A frequent speaker at both national investor and issuer conferences, Lilly has been recognized nationally on numerous occasions for her credit and industry expertise, including being a five time recipient of the Smith’s Municipal Research Award. �Lilly received her B.A. from Columbia University, and is a graduate of Phillips Academy Andover.