Deborah L. Bianucci

Debbie Bianucci is President & Chief Executive Officer of BAI and a member of the BAI Board of Directors.At BAI, we’re passionate about our pursuit of the trusted information, powerful tools, and actionable insights that provide leaders with the clarity and confidence needed to prepare for tomorrow, while performing better today. For over 90 years, this has been BAI’s mission: empowering leaders to make smart business decisions, drive positive change, and move the industry forward because a strong financial services industry helps consumers, businesses, and communities thrive.�BAI helps small business banking leaders power smart decisions through a variety of comparative analytics and networking opportunities.� BAI’s research provides competitive perspectives that give leaders unique insights that strengthen their strategic and tactical plans to serve the small business segment.�Debbie has been in financial services for her entire career, including senior positions with several major financial services companies.� She is a frequent speaker at industry events and has authored numerous books and articles on financial services topics.� Debbie holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Journalism and a Masters of Business Administration Degree, both from Drake University.